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animanga_lims's Journal

Animanga Last Icon Maker Standing
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animanga_lims, or Anime & Manga Last Icon Maker Standing, is an icon challenge community founded and run by silverqe and telecast (with the lovely adaneko and nyaabo as occasional mods.) It is basically a weekly elimination competition that goes on until there is only one icon maker left "standing." Think American Idol or Survivor... animanga icon-maker style. Credit for the original idea for icon LIMS goes to the mods at disney_hush.
1. Do not complain if you get voted out. If you cannot handle losing and/or criticism, this competition is not for you. In all likelihood, you WILL be voted off eventually, so if you can not handle this, PLEASE do not participate. Flaming, bitching, and whining in general will not be tolerated.

2. Every week you will get either anime or manga images to choose from. The weeks will switch between anime and manga, and it will be a different series every week. These are the only images you are allowed to use. Feel free to use stock photos, textures, and brushes, but you CANNOT use any other anime or manga images in your icon apart from the ones we give you, unless the challenge specifies that you can.

3. Do not post your icon anywhere or use it in any way until after that particular challenge is over.

4. Follow the deadlines. If your icon is not in on time, you will be disqualified unless you have yet to skip. Every participant gets one skip. The first time you forget to submit an icon, we will count it as a skip unless you say otherwise (drop out) or unless you have already skipped.
1. Sign up for Round 04 here. Join the community. It is also in your best interest to watch the community, so as you don't miss any deadlines.

2. The challenges are posted on Sunday, around 8:00 PM central time (GMT -06:00). Submission deadline is the following Friday, around 11:00 PM central time. Voting starts about an hour after that, and continues until Sunday at 8:00 PM central time. Then results will be posted and the new theme will also be posted.

3. When voting, vote for your least favorite icon(s) AND favorite icon(s). The number of icons you need to vote for will change depending on the week. We will specify the number at the beginning of every voting post.

4. You need to provide an explanation for all of your votes. Please judge based on technique and aesthetic quality, NOT personal preferences (such as character, favorite color). A vote like #4 - I don't like Fuuma will not count. We reserve the right to void any vote we feel is unfair or petty.

5. There is a People's Choice award every week for the icon that receives the most "favorite" votes. All the People's Choice icons will be put into a special gallery at the end of the competition.

6. The person(s) with the most "least favorite" votes will be eliminated. Also, those who do not submit on time are eliminated, as well as those who do not keep their submissions anonymous. Elimination announcements and the People's Choice vote will be in every results post, along with the vote counts.

7. Please include the phrase "Seaking Englightenment" somewhere in your comment when you sign up so that we know that you have read all the rules and regulations.
Here at animanga_lims we award shiny prizes to the LIMS champion, as well as the final runner-up. The Round 04 prizes are:

1st Place: 6 months paid account time with extra userpics! + a shiny banner.
2nd Place: 2 months paid account time with extra userpics! + a shiny banner.

If the winner does not want the listed prizes, we will negotiate a prize of the same value.
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The affiliates list has been cleared of all inactive communities. If you want to be added or re-added, please leave a comment requesting affiliation somewhere in the community! Relevant communities only please.
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Stylesheet credit goes to refuted. Profile codes by yam, heavily modified by silverqe.


Direct linking is allowed, just not encouraged, prz.

P.S. Although we of course highly encourage it, you don't have to participate in the actual LIMS competition to join this community. We thoroughly appreciate any members/watchers who just want to vote or stalk or whatever. :)